"Trying to touch that which we could not see
and that which we din't know hurt more than we could have known.
I just wanted to cry and get the hell out of there.
But that's how I am, so don't think you are the only one.
There is no such thing as wasted effort or a pointless encounter.
so just put up your fists ...
No matter how far I reach out, I can't reach that flower.
But if we held hands, we'd grab it in a second.
We keep missing each otherhand having missunderstandings.
And we argue with one another in order to build our trust.
Even though I'm drenched in tears after you hurt me today.
Let's keep moving on to a future together.
Even when we graduate and get old, you will still be you and I will stil be me.
The sky above us will continue on forever, and they will be nothing to stand in our way.
There is no such thing as wasted effort or a pointless encounter so put up your fists.
Whatever I'm lacking you will give to me.
And whatever you are missing, I will make you complete."

Naruto Movie II

28.7.06 20:33


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