Missing my place to fit, the warm and lovely one
I loved to stay. No sorrow, no pain everything seems to be alright when I am there.
What is wrong? It seems my place does not need me anymore. I am not sure what I have done, I am not sure what happened. Maybe all my acts were wrong and only hurt my place, hurt it so much to decide to get lost of me.
I am sorry, I am fearful that I lost my place for ever and nothing could bringt it back to me, could put it back in order. Maybe my place hasn't needed my before, I only thought that there was more.
... I don't hope so ...
Want to know what happened, want to know how I can put it back in order. Want to feel save again ... not missing my place to fit anymore.
It's like I am acting like a fool destroying everything around myself, destroying everything important in my life, it make me sad if this is true. I hope I am not that kind of fool. I hope the emptiness will disappear will be filled again with joy, safety and love. I hope I am allowed to stay again ...

6.8.06 14:15, kommentieren