I think there are a lot people, that are willing to share a part of their life with you. They are noticing you, asking themselves what you are doing at the moment, how you feel. In my opinion the question is, are we noticing them? I know a handful, who are interested in what I am doing, or how I am feeling. Willing to lend me a hand. But often I don't accept it for myself, that there are people who care about me, and overlook that fact, which leads to that sad feeling to be alone and helpless.
I don't know if these people will stay in the really hard times, but they are there, and we should give them a chance to be noticed. And maybe help us to weaken the sadness, that seems to follow you at every single step.

Dreams are dreams, and we should see them as what they are. Dreams are not the reality and in most of the cases they never will become real, so we should be aware not to live your lifes, trying to live a dream.

10.10.10 01:51, kommentieren