... Tuesday ...

... may I could write about some negativ thoughts, which bothers me.
But I think it's not the right time for such negativ things so let me tell you about my last Tuesday evening.
I was in Linz city with two of my friends watching and listening to the Dresden Dolls, a really amazing band. I never listend to them bevor on a concert, but it is easy to say: "they rock!" . (Dresden Dolls)
They had a fascinating performance and where able to carry the crowd away in an unique way I never saw before.
The artist who performed before the main band also was a very interesting and very very unusual guy, but funny to watch his style to perform with the audience ^^.
(Truax) Mister Truax oh yeah, strange name for a crazy man .

At all it was a very relaxing evening with a lot of good music, a well performed show and the possibility to get a distant view of some things ...

Not so bad for a Tuesday I even managed to get away of it's dangerous snatch, but nowadays everyday seems to be a Tuesday we will see how many times I will be able to come away until it gets his "hands" on me ...

1.6.06 20:27


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