After school was over we made a trip to Croatia, relaxing and such things ^^.
The holidays where very interesting and funny, with the chaos troop of our mobile computing section. I think it's one of the best things to get distance of some hard months you had to work hard – yeah studying can be hard work :P.
There are some more, but they are not so interesting for the blog, I think .
Like you can see in the picture above there where a lot of nice sunsets – heart warming – so we took a lot of photos to keep a nice moment longer in our minds.
As always we were well-behaved students and didn't make any nonsense – nothing which I talk about .

We will see what the rest of the holidays bring ...
( Greetings to my New Zealand friends! )

24.7.06 17:01


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Greg the Kiwi guy / Website (24.7.06 23:56)
Looks great guys!! Fucken sweeeeeeeeeet!! Hi to everyone ;-)

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