Fishermen are some kind of strange people. Last week we met a fisherman at the lake, it was somehow interesting to listen what he was talking. Before I didn't know how dangerous a fisherman could be. Yeah, dangerous ;D. He told us how easy and with how many different kinds of bars he could kill people by throwing the bars on them ...
Very interesting to know that he is able to kill divers or surfers and the bad and evil swimmers around only by using his fishing rod with different bars and hooks. Fishing is not the quiet sport the most people think .. in some way it's bloody and evil, when I remember the poor fish he killed by removing a hook ... *bloody* or the scary killing stories of divers and surfers *hm *.
One important rule I learned: always stay at the fisherman's site, so he can't throw things on you ^^. But at least it was a funny evening at the lake, with some bottles of cold beer .

18.9.06 11:26


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